Can Jordan Peterson Inspire Mothers to Take Their Place as Heroes?

It’s easy to get discouraged as a mom.  The world seems to be falling apart around us. Skyrocketing mental-health issues in children, phone-addicted apathetic teenagers, and young adults unable to cope in reality – things are looking dire.  However, in my cocoon of familial safety here in Southern Texas as a mom of five little kids – life is actually pretty good. I have to give Dr. Jordan Peterson a bit of the credit; he has certainly helped me find more power in my mothering and hone my method.  I have probably listened to 200 hours of Jordan Peterson lectures, podcasts, and interviews.  I listen to him everyday while I do workout DVDs – now just hearing his voice elevates my heart rate (my husband hates that joke). Jordan Peterson’s insights have helped convince me that we mothers must take responsibility. His insights into the power of the individual,* the meaning found in picking up responsibilities, and the psychological tools we have at our disposal, have the power to transform motherhood in our minds and in application. We are the saviors our society is waiting for. It is not the people sitting at the top of some patriarchal hierarchy, the Social-Justice Warriors, or politicians who control the masses – it is simple women who often respond modestly to the question – “What do you do”, “Oh, I am just a Mom”.  

Why do we do that?  Why act ashamed upon confessing to being a mom?  We don’t realize the strength of our position. Mothers mold and nurture humanity from its very origins – from its first breaths. Today’s culture has forgotten that it is the ordinary and mundane moments that make up life and love, and our mothers were there from our earliest moments – shaping our perspective. Starting a blog took months of convincing from my husband because as “just a mom” I kept saying – “Who would ever read what I wrote, no one would take me seriously”.  I am a confident and opinionated woman. I am not playing victim. But the fact is, mothers without “credentials” don’t have a seat at the table when discussing society. The importance of instilling values in children is rarely mentioned in podcasts discussing our degenerating society.  The role a strong family-unit has on economic stability is not brought up on the Nightly News. Mothers (and fathers) aren’t seen as important, because, why would we be – according to many modern feminists mothers are sell-outs. Those who can’t cut it in the “real world” become moms. The modern world has taught us that the role of motherhood is as lacking in influence as a daycare worker – and equally fulfilling.  

But these voices are wrong. Yes motherhood is difficult. It’s very power is found in that difficulty. Our struggles, anxieties, and deep love for our children point us to our purpose – they direct us toward a glory higher than any the “elites” could give – the glory of a child well-raised. I am writing a series of posts highlighting how Jordan Peterson’s insights can help mothers take back their power and confidence and save the world. After that series of posts, I hope to incorporate other great thinkers – psychologists, theologians, and philosophers. Each individual mother has the power to transform her family, and through them the course of humanity. My hope is we can take some of the vast knowledge accumulated over millennium and parent the next generation in strength and purpose. In the words of William Ross Wallace, “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”

“Don’t underestimate the power of vision and direction. These are irresistible forces, able to transform what might appear to be unconquerable obstacles into traversable pathways and expanding opportunities. Strengthen the individual. Start with yourself.”

Dr. Jordan Peterson
Madonna and Child, William Adolphe Bouguereau

*If you are unfamiliar with Dr. Jordan Peterson he is a very popular lecturer and author and has some great videos online. Here is a sample; I love his Maps of Meaning and Personality lectures on his YouTube channel and also his Biblical lectures. He doesn’t talk directly about motherhood often but I find application in almost everything he says or writes. Check him out!

Upcoming post: Jordan Peterson and Motherhood #1: Ultimate Sacrifice equals Ultimate Reward

6 thoughts on “Can Jordan Peterson Inspire Mothers to Take Their Place as Heroes?

  1. This is a great idea. It’s actually incredibly brave – standing alone against the tide of liberalism. You are a modern day Don Quixote, but the windmills you are battling are real and you are greatly outnumbered – at least it seems that way in our society.


  2. “It is not the people sitting at the top of some patriarchal hierarchy, the Social-Justice Warriors, or politicians who control the masses – it is simple women who when asked the question – “What do you do” somewhat shamefully reply “Oh, I am just a Mom”. ”

    These words struck me with their truth. Thank you for sharing and I hope more women will feel empowered to speak up like this.


  3. This is what the world needs. Your writing and insight is powerful. I’m so glad to have discovered your blog and have begun sharing your writing with my family and friends. Thank You


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