Speak the Truth

“Speak the truth…Start listening to what you say, and feeling what you say. Pay attention to whether what you’re saying makes you feel stronger or weaker. If it makes you feel weaker than you should stop saying it right away. See if you can reformulate your words so that when you restate them that feeling of integration and integrity reappears.” Dr. Peterson

Speaking the truth brings strength, stability, and alignment. As we attempt to be completely honest with ourselves and others, suffering diminishes and we see our purpose more clearly. There is no scrambling to remember white lies we may have spoken, or false impressions we may have given. There is no guilt at misleading others with a disingenuous facade. If we practice speaking the truth and recognizing the truth, we will forgo much of the stress, confusion, and guilt in our lives.

Peasant Women Conversing, Camille Pissaro

This four minute clip is well worth the time.

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