Fish and Bicycle

“A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.”

This witticism has seeped into the consciousness of many young women since its first utterance in 1970. It may seem harmless, and even helpful in developing confidence in young women. However, this belief has, in fact, had a devastating effect on children. An independent young woman may feel she is getting along fine without a man – but if she has a child – she needs him, and so does the child. Single Mothers are capable of miraculous feats – but very few, in their honesty, would claim they wouldn’t welcome help from a loving and competent father of their child. Now, oftentimes that loving man isn’t a reality, and that is the fault of the man. However, it is important for young women to see that their future children do need their father and they should adjust their “fish and bicycle” view of the world. Men and women need each other, and what a beautiful thing that is, for we all crave connection and love.

This article from The Art of Manliness shows the harsh reality many fatherless-children face.

One thought on “Fish and Bicycle

  1. Agree. Independence is important but so is collaboration (and romance, and joy!)

    Women should aim to be multidimensional and be both strong individuals and team mates.

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