An Answer to Fragility

As we see our society become increasingly divisive, intolerant, and materialistic we see a rise in mental and moral weakness. This weakness comes in many forms. The mentally weak find it hard to cope with the intrinsic difficulties of life. But a moral failing is growing alongside this fragility of the mind, an inability to empathize. Many, rather than feeling concern or empathy, turn in judgment upon the “snowflakes”. Rather than seek solutions, they condemn them and criticize their sufferings. When things fall apart we need people to step up, show concerned-strength, and help fix it. This clip gives a short overview of one man demonstrating this concerned-strength, Jonathan Haidt. He has researched and written extensively (The Coddling of the American Mind, The Righteous Mind) on the trend of increased fragility in young people. I want to recommend this YouTube Channel, Dad Saves America, which has great resources for those, particularly men, who want to do more than judge our world, but help it.

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