Hope and Fathers

With the recent decision on Roe vs Wade, we see a lot of concern for women and the burden placed upon them. This concern is justified as raising a child is difficult (we may make it more difficult than necessary by imposing modern and materialistic expectations on parenting). I hope we see a shift start to happen in our society, a return to time-tested sexual morality, and a new emphasis on the crucial role of fathers. A present father not only relieves the financial and emotional burden on mothers but shares in the joy of raising a precious child. This excellent article may help us see fatherhood for the mighty role it is.

“Why do men work, says the poet Charles Peguy, if not for their children? The father throws himself away in hope, looking forward to the time when he will be no more on earth than a name or a rumor of a name but his children will be alive, and people will say of him—if they remember him at all—that he was a good man but his children are better. He hands on his old tools to his sons, tools shiny with the wear of his hands.”

Why is modern motherhood burdensome? Some essays that attempt to answer…

Defeating the Devouring Mother

Happiness is Destroying Parenthood

The Myth of the Mother-Type

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