A Beginners Guide to Dr. Jordan Peterson: Clip Collection – Political and Controversial

Dr. Jordan Peterson’s political views are often misunderstood. He is often taken out-of-context and misquoted. He is, in fact, quite moderate, independent-thinking, and fact-based.  He can get rather animated and passionate during his lectures/interviews; however, if you listen to the content you will see his positions are well researched and thought-out.  I have listened to hundreds of hours of Jordan Peterson, there are no secret videos with extremist content, it is all freely available on the internet.  I have never heard him say anything discriminatory in any way.  Generally his message is reserved for each imperfect individual, himself included, in their quest for improvement. I have collected clips of some of the more controversial subjects he discusses and you can judge for yourself.  Please share this with anyone who may have a faulty view of Dr. Jordan Peterson, or anyone who wants to learn more about his actual beliefs.  I will post the short clip of each subject as well as some longer-form discussions on the same topic in hyperlink.

1. Gender Pronoun controversy: JP rose to fame due to his refusal to use government-mandated speech – in the form of gender pronouns.  Some accused him of being trans-phobic, however he maintains his resistance was due to the forcible manipulation of language by those with ideological agendas.  (3:49)

Longer form: JP before Canadian Parliament I know it sounds boring, it is actually very entertaining. Relevant @ minute 16

2. Inequality and Hierarchies: Some say JP is part of the oppressive patriarchy. Jordan Peterson explains the existence of hierarchies and their relations to inequality.  (5:40)

Long Form: Oxford Union Address discusses many things but his speech focuses on hierarchy.

3. Masculinity: Why do many young men follow Jordan Peterson? His emotional response shows the reality of his character.  (5:38)

Long Form: Great interview with Warren Farrell about Fatherhood and Masculinity 

4. Men and women: Jordan Peterson discusses the differences in personality between men and women and what divides us.  (4:29)

Long Form: The entire interview is absolutely fascinating

5. Gender Pay Gap and Gender Equality: There is some overlap with the above but he explains his position on gender pay differences and how men and women view career. (13:34)

Long form:  Spanish interviewer on variety of subject but @ around minute 52:40 it focuses on gender issues.  One of my favorite interviews with JP.

6. Enforced monogamy: Jordan Peterson got into some hot-water over a misinterpretation of the term “enforced monogamy”.  He explains his stance here.  (3:08)

7. White privilege, safe spaces and transgenderism. (6:12)

8. Postmodernism and the new culture of entitlement.  (13:19)

Long form: Full Harvard talk – excellent on social issues and our role in changing society.

If there are any other topics you would like me to include please contact me. I plan to do our next clip collection on topics relating to mental health.  Please share this with your friends/family and check out our other blog posts for more in-depth discussion of Jordan Peterson relating to femininity and motherhood.  Follow on Facebook or this website for updates.


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