YouTube: Devouring Mother in 5 Case Studies

Since starting this website I have been asked several times if I would start a podcast or do a YouTube channel. I have been hesitant – I don’t have a lot of time, I like the anonymity of writing, and I think my voice sounds strange. However, I was recently asked to do a presentation on Devouring Mothers for a small conference so I am sharing that video here. If this is a format that proves helpful or interesting I will try to produce quality videos as often as my schedule (kids) allow.

The Devouring Mother is a topic we could write many articles on; I have written a few already, and have others in the works. This, however, is a quick overview of some of the iterations of the Devouring Mother we want to avoid, as found in literature. Below are some resources with more information on the topics covered. Thank you.



Philosophy of Motherhood on Miss Havisham

Philosophy of Motherhood on Devouring Mother

On Devouring Mother Archetype

Hamlet and Freud

Jung and Frued on Oedipus

Rapanzel fairy tale

On Masculine Archetypes

Jordan Peterson The Good Mother

Overbearing Mother

Miss Havisham Clip

Veruca Salt clip:

Lord Elrond:


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