In Defense of A Nurturing Mother

An Australian morning show recently mocked a mother as she described her life of “service” to her husband and family in a social media post. The female presenter clearly believed this woman’s self-sacrifice was backward and meaningless.  I truly appreciated Martyn Iles’ response to this harsh, and very public, shaming of a young mother. It is always a tragedy when women tear each other down.

12 minute clip

It is a shame that some women believe that the love and nurture given to children and spouse is menial, yet the time and labor they give in a sterile workplace is empowering. Women need to be honest about where happiness and meaning originate and stop worrying about the perception of “the world”. Why are women letting go of the power of their feminine influence, the harnessing of our unique talents and gifts – and trading them in for a paycheck or prestige? Women can do good wherever they are! Downplaying the glory of motherhood will not amplify the meaningfulness of the workplace.

I was saddened to hear the mockery this mother received, especially considering she sounds like a truly selfless woman. It’s one thing to be judgmental of vice, but condemning someone for their virtue is truly vicious.

I am reminded of a short scene in the movie The Mission, a film depicting the history of the Catholic missions in South America and the horrific devastation of the natives. Two men, somber as they are pondering the harshness of the world, attempt to come to grips with the reality of the situation. Senor Hontar, stoically resigned to the state of the things says, “We must work in the world, your eminence. The world is thus. The other, Altamirano, refusing to find solace in resignation, says “No, Señor Hontar. Thus have we made the world… thus have I made it.”

We live in a world where acts of love and service are met with disdain. The world is thus, but will we resign ourselves to it? Will we help make it thus? I am heartened that there are many willing to stand up against the culture and defend the power and love found in motherhood. I believe truth is more powerful than facade. These voices of defense must reach for the next generation. Young women must hear the counter-argument to the materialist view of life – defenders of motherhood. They need to see women that powerfully wield their femininity to influence the world with love and compassion. Our children need mothers that love and cherish their role and turn their faces away from a culture of scorn. Thank you Martyn for standing up for this young mother!

Another great take by Andrew Klavan.

2 thoughts on “In Defense of A Nurturing Mother

  1. I haven’t listened to the podcast you posted but the clip of the criticism of the mother featured on Andrew Klavan a few days ago. An interesting part of the back story to this Australian breakfast show is that it once was the powerful behemoth of Australian breakfast television. However in the past 18 months, its ratings have plummeted (for various reasons). During this period it has done two things: (1) tried at least 8 different hosts; and (2) become increasingly woke and click-baity, as their desperation for eyeballs intensifies. So don’t believe this was a spontaneous segment. This is a deliberate attempt to attract attention. And still the ratings fall.
    As they say, get woke, go broke.
    I agree 100% with your disdain for this attack.

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    1. It does seem media is so out of touch with the reality of average peoples lives. A shame. I am choosing to let my admiration for this podcast host overwhelm my disappointment in the morning show hosts:)


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