Philosophy of Motherhood: Preparing for Suppression

Unfortunately, we live in a time where all “creators” fear the day they will be prohibited from sharing their work. It seems the Philosophy of Motherhood has been targeted. Two days ago one of my pieces was taken down from Facebook for several hours for promoting “human exploitation for personal gain”, without any indication of how it did so. (I will let you be the judge of the piece.)  My only guess is that the phrase “Life isn’t Fair” was deemed inappropriate.  And considering the fact that my site makes no money, ‘I’m not sure what “personal gain” I could be reaping). I was locked out for two days and now I have several strikes against me, with reduced distribution.  Facebook has warned me that at any time they may delete my page.  I now have 5,000 followers on Facebook and it has become my main avenue of spreading the work of Philosophy of Motherhood.

I hope my readers will agree that I try to be balanced.  I do not believe in being vindictive or personal in any arguments. Most of my writing is an attempt to dig deeper into philosophy and ancient wisdom for the benefit of mothers and all my readers. I am generally skeptical of many conspiracy theories and the general paranoia prevalent today, and perhaps all this was a misunderstanding.  However, the experience has been an eye-opener for me. 

“Ideologies are substitutes for true knowledge, and ideologues are always dangerous when they come to power, because a simple-minded I-know-it-all approach is no match for the complexity of existence.” Jordan Peterson

It seems that anyone who shares the belief in the reality of objective truth, the benefit of traditional or religious morality, or who questions modern postmodernism or materialist philosophy is now at risk of being kicked off social media platforms. I do not see the attack on free speech as a left-right issue.  It is human nature to want to suppress what we see as dangerous.  Honest attempts at discovering the truth can be seen as dangerous when they threaten others’ worldviews. But we must be allowed to look outside our own limited perspectives and preconceived notions.  Progression can only occur when we can freely exchange ideas and question one another. ++

Woman at the Window, Caspar David Friedrich

Yet, this is the world we live in and we must prepare and be ready.  If you find our site beneficial please do the following:

  1. Follow us on WordPress for email updates (click the lower right corner of the website page to follow)
  2. Give a review of Philosophy of Motherhood on Facebook and share any pieces with your friends that you have enjoyed (the more popular a site the less likely it is to be shut down without pushback)
  3. In the event my page is deleted – my website notifications will become the primary method of communication, please ensure emails do not go to spam.

I will stop publishing my long-form articles in their entirety on Facebook. I have done so for ease of viewing but will now simply add excerpts. The main piece will be found on the website, with added resources. I hope readers will take the time to click the link. 

I pray that the Philosophy of Motherhood will continue for years to come.  If it is God’s will, we will find a way.  This site has always been dedicated to researching topics that may help young women, mothers, and all parents look deeply at the meaning, value, and purpose of life and parenting.  We will continue in that endeavor. Thank you so much for your support. Any suggestions you may have on how to secure the future of our site are welcome. 


9 thoughts on “Philosophy of Motherhood: Preparing for Suppression

  1. ❤️ I will go and share away!!!

    Maybe even start a telegram channel?! I think I am going to do that, since a lot of my newer work speaks a lot of spirituality.

    Keep it up. You are such an example to me. 🙂 Dana

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  2. Your writing is thoughtful and brings additional information into view for those who can’t spend the time researching subjects that they aren’t familiar with. I will continue to share your site in the future and want to thank you for what you have contributed in the past. Every generation has battles not all of them draw blood but most all draw hardships. Perseverance is the key to victory.

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  3. Definitely stop putting the entirety of your articles in Facebook posts. If you run display ads on your website, you definitely want as many visitors as possible. But remember, Facebook is like a landlord—your website is your house and that’s where you want people to feel at home. You want them to want to come back to your website once they fall in love with it. You want to convert visitors into loyal subscribers afterall.

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  4. I remain here for your deep and thoughtful pieces, valuing the highest calling, encouraging those of us in the trenches. Will subscribe to the website now to ensure I do not miss.

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  5. Would you consider moving over to substack. I’d certainly subscribe.

    Also a very VERY benevolent reading is, maybe the repeated use of the word “cutting” might have been a trigger. And they didn’t actually read what the article was about before censoring.

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    1. Anna, substack is like having a landlord—you need to work your business model to be more in your control. Subscribers need to get used to coming to you—even if that means less convenient for them. Long term, you want people coming to your website. Social media and Substack, maybe post excerpt and instruct people to click to read an article in its entirerty. I say all this because a) I’m a mom b) I am a digital marketer and c) I am a writer who knows it’s very hard making a living doing what you love if that’s the only thing you do.


  6. I stopped posting any of my own content on Facebook over a year ago. I haven’t closed my account but I don’t have the app on my phone and I only read a couple of people’s pages. I am way happier now that I am not spending hours viewing ads and content that are pushed onto me.

    I have been spending more time writing on my blog and I have yours linked to mine so I always see your posts.

    I wrote about cutting back on social media here:

    I sound rather angry in that post which I was, but a bit over a year after I’m much less stressed and enjoying spending my time on other things..

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